Zoltan Baffia
FCI international dog show judge
Zoltan Baffia with World Winner Szarazpataki Heaven Sent You
Name: Zoltan Baffia
Residence: Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: zoltan [at] baffia [dot] hu
Phone: +36.20.310.3593
Zoltan Baffia, owner of the Szarazpataki Bernese Mountain Dog kennel lives in Hungary, Europe. He has been owning Bernese mountain dogs since 1995, while the first litter under his prefix was born in 2000. This was followed by some successful litters and as a result, since then, several champions, specialty winners and also a World Winner were bred by him. He has been actively taking part in the work of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Hungary for 15 years in different positions (board member, supervisor, breeding evaluation judge, etc.). Nowadays he helps the Club by judging at breeding evaluation tests, contributing to the development of the quality of BMDs in Hungary. At the moment he is the president of the Cane Corso and Dogo Argentino Club. In 2011, after attending a long and thorough course and taking the exams successfully he became an FCI-approved judge of BMDs. Since then he is continuously extending his license to other breeds. In the last few years he had the honor to judge at several national, international and specialty shows in 14 different countries throughout Europe, having the opportunity to have a more thorough view on the breeds and their quality in the different geographical regions. He is very proud that he was re-invited to some places again and though he is specialist judge for Bernese Mountain Dogs, he often has the possibility to judge his other breeds on specialty shows, as well.
He is approved to judge the following breeds at the moment.

FCI group 1:

  • South Russian Shepherd Dog

FCI group 2:

all breeds & Best Of Group

FCI group 5:

all breeds & Best Of Group

FCI group 9:

  • Pekingese

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Updated: 15 Oct., 2020